As a highly active criminal defense attorney here in New Mexico,  I’ve become highly strategic with not only winning cases, but also negotiating excellent plea deals, terms and conditions, and resolutions..    

Zealous Defense Of
Sexual Assault
Child Abuse
Murder & Attempted Murder
Property Crime
Drug Offenses
Firearms Offense

Criminal Defense Attorney - Albuquerque New Mexico

Megan Mitsunaga, Criminal Defense Attorney - Albuquerque New Mexico 

With over 20 years of victories I would consider myself as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in NM. As a criminal defense attorney I zealously represent defendants in various types of criminal prosecutions. 

The legal system is systematically designed to incarcerate and punish those accused of even the smallest crimes.  The long term effects of having a criminal prosecution brought against you can be long lasting.

This is why our criminal law office in Albuquerque New Mexico is conveniently located in downtown Albuquerque near Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, Second Judicial District Court and the United States District Court.  Our criminal defense law office cany research and act quickly on your legal matters in a timely manner, while assuring your case is being handled with the utmost care and timeliness.  

Megan Misunaga is a zealous criminal defense attorney in Albuquerque New Mexico.  Brining true justice to the true victims.  Those wrongfully prosecuted by an unjust legal system.  At our Criminal defense law firm in New Mexico we fight for the rights of those wrongfully accused and those that have been severely prosecuted by a legal system that is designed to make profit and benefit from the prison industrial complex.